• Before start to update the maps of the nuvi device, you might want to check whether is the version up to date or not. To check this, follow the steps as below:

Old Interface: Go to ‘Tools’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘Map’ – ‘Info’ – ‘Map Version’

New Interface: Go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Map & Vehicle’ – ‘myMaps’

  • If the device maps version are up to date, then you can ignore doing this.
  • If the device maps version are not the latest, proceed to follow the steps as below closely.
  • Connect the device with the interface cable provided in the box to the PC/Laptop.
  • The device will go into PC mode, and you will see this display as below.


  • Select ‘Mass Storage Mode‘ and the device will completely go into PC mode and pop out a folder, that works like an external hard disk manner.
  • Now lets start proceed with the steps of updating the maps version.
  • For local units (SG/MY), go to ‘www.garmin.com.sg. “DO NOT USE GARMIN EXPRESS”
  • On the main page, you will need to click on ‘Map Update‘, as shows below:

M1Note: Doing maps update, your device battery must have at least 70% indication.

  • You will see this portion when you click in, as shows below:


  • Click on ‘Singapore/Malaysia‘ for nuvi Map update, you will see this portion on the next page as below:


  • Take note that there are 3 maps you need to update: (1) Garmin City Navigator, (2) Malfree and (3) Malsing.
  • Instead of updating one by one, now Garmin launch Garmin Updater Software to install all maps at one go regardless which model. Follow my guide as below.
  • Although there’s still alot of links for different models on the website, don’t worry, just click on the Garmin City Navigator link, and will bring you another window as below.
  • Note: Please read through the instructions for your understanding as provide below.

Garmin Updater 1

Garmin Updater 2

Garmin Updater 3

Garmin Updater 4

  • Once you finished reading through the instructions for the Garmin Updater, you have to install the launcher software. Choose either ‘Windows’ or ‘MAC’ depends on what you use as below.

Garmin Updater 5

  •  For example, I click for windows, it will shows the next window as below:

Garmin Updater 6

  •  Choose ‘Save As‘, and the next window shows as below:

Garmin Updater 7

  •  Click ‘Save‘ under the path you prefer, and will start downloading the file.
  • Once finished downloading, click ‘Run‘ the file and the next window shows below:

Garmin Updater 8

  • Click ‘Agree‘ and the next window shows below:

Garmin Updater 9

  •  At this point, your Garmin GPS should already be connected before that as mentioned starting of the procedures.
  • Then click ‘OK‘ and the next window shows as below:

Garmin Updater 10

  • Choose the model that you have, (ignore the numeric as it is the internal ID, which you can’t see anywhere on unit) and click ‘OK‘ and the next window as below:

Garmin Updater 11

  • It shows all the available updates for your model detected, click ‘Update‘ and will starts downloading the maps as shows below.
  • Note: Remain the save path as: C:\Garmin\Garmin Updater\
  • Note: Only the maps will get updated not the software. To update the software, go to nuvi Software Updates Procedure.

Garmin Updater 12

  • Once the downloading is done, it will prompt you as the window shows below:

Garmin Updater 13

  • Click ‘OK‘ and will starts installing the maps to the GPS device as shows below:

Garmin Updater 14

  • Once the installation is completed, it will shows ‘Update Completed‘ as shows below. Disconnect the device from the computer to restart the device and finish the update.

Garmin Updater 15

  • Once your device is restart and turn on, check the maps version again. If all are updated, you are READY TO GO, if not try to re-install again or contact us for assistance.