Board Room Message

Many years ago, an enterprising young engineer, our founder E.C. [Ted] Dunn, had a vision to design and manufacture world-class radio communication equipment in Australia; products that would address medium volume niche markets both domestically and internationally. Today, more than 50 years on, this dream has been achieved. Sadly, Ted Dunn is no longer with us. However, his legacy lives on within the Dunn Family Trust and the Management and staff of his company Standard Communications Pty. Ltd.



Standard Communicatons is a company established on the basic premise of delivering what the customer wanted and whilst the product portfolio and the size of the organisation bears little resemblance to our formative years, this underlying principle has not changed. People and markets differ not only from country to country, but also from town to town. Today we continue to adhere to this basic tenet and herein lies the key to Standard Communications’ well-documented success. We continue to listen to our customers; we continue to invest in our people and our technology and each year we continue to grow.


The Standard Communications of today is somewhat different from those humble beginnings of the late 1950s with a staff of over 200, facilities in three locations, three distinct business divisions, and markets stretching from Antarctica to Iceland. However, today’s competition has never been fiercer. Customer expectations are being influenced by a myriad of external forces, the Internet has provided consumers around the world with product information at the stroke of a computer key, buying patterns are shifting, loyalties are being constantly challenged. We, at Standard Communications, equate this rapidly changing environment with one of opportunity.


Standard Communications is proud to remain a privately owned Australian company. We are equally proud of our continuing efforts in product design, innovation in customer service and quality control. Sustainable success can only be realised by dedicated commitment to excellence in every facet of our organisation.


With our strong domestic presence through over 2000 accredited resellers, and our direct subsidiary in New Zealand, the future direction for Standard Communications is very clear. Through prudent research, imaginative products, significant technological investment and selection of strong international partners, we will continue to expand our global markets.


An organisation’s performance depends on the effectiveness of the people who drive it. At Standard Communications we have an enthusiastic team of engineers, customer service, administration and product personnel, led by a professional executive under the stewardship of an experienced Board comprising of executive and non-executive directors.


Standard Communications has recruited a talented and stable Management group, not only with specific expertise in their chosen discipline, but with the vision and ability to operate as part of a cross functional team.