Steed Magnet Products Enterprise Co., Ltd was co-founded in 1979 by Johnson Ou Yang and his younger brother Jack with an initial capital investment of a mere NT$200,000.


Steed started out as a cottage industry, designing and building small transformers and linear power supplies. Today, after more than 35 years, Steed has evolved to become a major force in the power supply industry around the world, with significant customers in Asia, the USA, Europe, and Australasia.


The company has also broadened its horizons with an increasing investment in new technologies and product lines, including security power devices, green energy and LED lighting.


Never forgetting these humble origins, the Ou-Yang brothers continue to adhere to the simple philosophy that every inquiry is crucially important and will receive an expedient response along with the highest standard of customer service. Every client that places an order with Steed is assured of their personal attention, superior quality assurance and total satisfaction.


In these days of multi-national, publicly listed companies, Steed is proud to remain a family business, now with second generation involvement in engineering and marketing the future of Steed together with its ethic and values is assured.


Steed is equally proud to remain a Taiwanese manufacturing organization, steadfastly refusing the temptation of low cost manufacturing in Mainland China.


By adhering to their “Designed and Manufactured in Taiwan” strategy, Steed through substantial investment in Research & Development, manufacturing technology and QA processes is able to offer customers a reliable, cost effective solution to their OEM/ODM power products requirements.


Steed also offers wide range of “off the self” power products to serve a myriad of applications. From maritime and emergency vehicle, to medical grade and industrial power supplies, the company’s reputation for robust circuit design, durability and regulatory compliance sets Steed apart from its competitors.


In 2008, Steed received approval for a new purpose built factory and corporate headquarters in Taipei. Every aspect of the building’s design was fastidiously undertaken by Steed’s founder and President Johnson Ou-Yang over a ten year period. In early 2013 Steed will move to the new facility, continuing to provide current and future business partners with prompt, efficient solutions to their power supply and low-energy lighting requirements.


TIME linewith major milestones since 1979

  • 2014 – Steed Step into LED lighting System and obtain many innovation patented design
  • 2008 – City of Taipei grants approval for new Corporate Headquarters in Chung Ho
  • 2001 – Introduction of PSM switched mode power supplies
  • 1990 – Introduction of PSA linear power supplies
  • 1987 – Steed teams with Australia’s GME to develop a range of specialized power supplies
  • 1986 – Steed forms strategic alliance with Newmar Corporation to serve North American markets
  • 1980 – Introduction of the PSE aeries of regulated power supplies
  • 1979 – Johnson & Jack Ou-Yang found Steed