Affluent in core technology of marine communication and satellite remote sensing


NHE was founded in 1981 as a company that bears system engineering service and sales of electronic shipboard equipment of OKI group that is the leading company in the field of information Technology and Network Solution. Since then, NHE has been providing not only domestic market but also world market with marine communication, fire detection/alarm equipments and satellite data acquisition/processing system by utilizing OKI group’s rich and high level technical resources with additional unique technical expertise and know-how of its own. As a fables manufacturer with our foundries. Shizuoka OKI Electric for marine communication equipment and OKI DENKI BOSAI for marine fire detection/alarm system, we have developed an unparalleled ability to provide marine communication solutions and fire detection/alarm systems. In order to cope with the rapidly evolving needs in the IT age, NHE provides a variety of products such as a shipboard communication systems, safety equipment against hazards, shipboard broadcast and steering guidance system,marine fire detection/alarm system, quartz clock, monitor CCTV system, viewing/listening common use TV system, and computer system for cargo loading, etc, all of which are installed on board that sail in the seven seas of the world. In the field of satellite remote sensing for ocean and meteorological survey, NHE has unique and high level technology. Based on this and under the collaboration with an American company, we have supplied various systems for satellite data reception/analysis aimed at earth environment research purpose such as NOAA-APT, NOAA-HRPT, MTSAT, EOS X-Brand and MODIS. These systems have been delivered and installed at various sites and customers such as Showa Base in Antarctic, Ocean Research Vessel, Patrolling Boat for illegal fishing, Training Ship, and many other Research Institutes and Universities and NHE has been highly reputed among them. We, NHE will continue without cease to exert our best efforts and improve our technical level in order to create value-added products as required by esteemed customers in the highly developed information society.


NIPPON HAKUYO electronics, ltd.

President Yasuo Hayashi


Corporate Data

Company Name/ NIPPON HAKUYO electronics, ltd.

Head Office/ 40-7, Higashikanagawa 2-chome, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama 221-0044, Japan

Founded/ October 1981

Capital/ 10 million yen (approx.)

Employees/ 50 (approx.)

Branch Offices/ Kobe Office, Kure Office, Takamatsu Office, Shimonoseki Office, Nagasaki Office (5 branch offices)

Dealing Banks/ Mizuho Bank Yokohama Ekimae Branch

Construction industry Permission/

No. 10887 -electric & telecommunication construction- issued by Ministry of Construction

Associations (Alphabetical order)/

Fishing Boat and System Engineering Association

Japanese Marine Equipment Association

Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Equipment

The Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry



1981 – Established to take over the Marine division of the OKI group

1985 – Started sales of OA and remote sensing systems

1988 – Started sales of marine audio-visual and CCTV system

1989 – Delivered digital intercom and announcement system to Fuji-Maru, a Japanese luxury passenger boat. Started sales of NOAA-HRPT system

1990 – Delivered high-tech systems, digital intercom, announcement systems, AV systems, CCTVs, etc. to gorgeous passenger vessels such as Crystal Harmony, Orient Venus, Nippon-Maru, Frontier Spirit, etc

1991 – Developed “WEFAX” shipboard receiving system for GMS “Himawari” and installed the same on “KAIYO” of JAMSTEC

1992 – Approval and certification of OAE-series electronic auto-exchange and telephone by JATE(JG)

1993 – Paid-in Capital increased ¥10,000,000. Because a regular member of Japanese Marine Equipment

1994 – Receive an order to develop the ADEOS-DTL receiving system Joined the Sea Japan 94′ International Marine Equipment Exhibition in YOKOHAMA, the first of the kind to be held in Japan. Started sales of cargo loading computer systems.

1995 – Moved to Kobe branch office because of the earthquake disaster

1996 – Started sales of digital electronic auto-exchange, the OAE-8000 Series. Started the official test the ADEOS-DTL. The workshop for the NOAA-HRPT remote sensing systems opened.

1997 – Developed the shipboard analysis system of geostationary weather satellites, theGMSP-2S, GMS, GOES WEST, GOES EAST, and METEOSTAT

1998 – Installed the digital wireless communication system (PHS)on “Pacific Venus” of Japan Cruise Line, Inc.

1999 – Developed the shipboard PABX OAE-1200 compatible digital wireless telephone. Supplied GMS SVISSR/HiRID system to Japan Meteorological Agency

2000 – New Head Office building completed in October

2001 – Provided technical support to Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for preparing a satellite image data base system SiDaB. Developed fire and detection equipment to meet with the new regulation of SOLASII-Chapter 2 revised in 2000 and relevant patents wereFiled

2002 – Developed CPU controlled, zone type fire detection and alarm equipment FF-3062 Series. Supplied GOES-9 reception system to Japan Meteorological Agency. Supplied MODIS satellite reception systems to Saga University and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Completed a transition to a quality management system ISO 9001 2000

2003 – Supplied CCTV and shipboard marine communication equipments to JAPAN MARINE SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY CENTER(JAMSTEC)”CHIKYU”

2004 – Supplied to NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR SEA TRAINING “GINGAMARU” shipboard communication equipment, CCTV and viewing/listeningCommon use TV for educational purposes. Supplied MODIS to Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

2005 – Succeed in reception of LRIT first time ever in Japan. Developed DISCOERY01 for 2000t class patrol ship of Maritime Safety Agency. Transferred Shimonoseki Branch (Newly built)

2006 – Installed the first NOAA-METOP in japan to japan Meteorological Agency

2007 – Completed development of LAN connection marine IP-PBX the OAE-1200MX series

2008 – Completed development of LAN connectable IP Marine Clock

2009 – Developed Batteryless Telephone Exhibited at BARI-SHIP IMABARI MARITIME FAIR

2011 – Developed Marine PABX,OAE-7200 series. Developed Marine Digital Public addressor OHE-3500 series

2012 – Completed developed NEW FSS cord Fire detection and alarm system, FF-1520,FF3063 series