Sunwoo Communication Co., Ltd. has 30 years experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying of all kind of antennas with the advanced technologies. We also positively invested in Research and Development pursuing for No. 1 antenna maker in Korea as well as continue to achieve the good reputation since established.


We are the leading supplier of all Antennas for telecommunication network infrastructure to CELLULAR, GSM, 2G/3G, WiBro, WiMax, with various types of Yagi, Omni, Patch and base station antennas to Korean leading telecommunication service operators KT, SKT, & LG U+ and that global network service operators.






With 30 years over long experience in this industry and positive investment in R&D for advanced technologies in the field of antenna industry, we are always aiming for the sprit of “Quality & “Customer priority” based on upgraded technologies and advanced concepts.




Oct.   2016          Well-technology performance assessment by NICE Investor Service

Jun.   2016          Start to supply LGU+ Quad Band 4×4 LTE for Base station antenna(0.8G, 2.1G,                                                                         2.6G Electrical tilt, RET Controller)

Jan.   2015          KT Certified partner certification

Oct.   2014          Start to supply Triple band KT LTE for Base station antenna (800Mhz, 1.8G, 2.1G)

May.   2014         Certified Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Oct.   2014          Start to supply Quad badn LGU+LTE for Base antenna (800Mhz, 1.8G, 2.1G, 2.6G)

Nov.   2013          Start to supply In-Building Antennas for SK Telecom

Nov.   2013          Officially company registered as a cooperated antenna supplier to SKTelecom

Oct.   2013          Start to supply In-Building Antennas for SK Telecom

Sept.   2013         Start to supply In-Building Antennas for SK Telecom by SK Telecom

Feb.   2013          Start to supply In-Building Antennas for SK Telecom for strengthening of quality                                                                     ability

Dec.   2012          Start to supply toward LGU+ after Authentication for LTE Base station antenna                                                                       (800Mhz, 1.8G, 2.1G)

Mar.   2012          Certified TL9000 Quality system

Mar.   2011          Supply LTE Base station antennas (800Mhz) for LG U+

Jan.   2011          New approval 6 types of In-Building antennas by olleh KT

Sept.   2010         Start to supply toward KDDI In-Building and In-House antenna

Feb.   2010          Supply Base station antenna for LG U+

Jun.   2009          Supply ICS antennas for “Olleh KT”

Apr.   2009          Start to supply In-Building & In-House antenna to LG U+

Dec.   2008          Registered as a cooperated company to LGU+

Oct.   2008          Start to supply In-Building & ICS antenna for NTT DoCoMo

Jan.   2008          Start to supply toward Softbank In-Building antenna

Apr.   2007          Developed and supplying Wimax base station antennas for Japanese operator

Mar.   2007          Supplying micro chip antennas for Samsung wireless DTV

Jan.   2007          Supplying Microwave Panel antennas for Olleh KT.

Oct.   2006          Proposed ICS antennas for 800Mhz FOMA to NTT DoCoMo, Japan

Aug.   2006         Supply KTWibro Repeater’s antenna as official vendor

Aug.   2006         Supply antennas to Vodafone K.K for WCDMA In-Building RF System

May.   2006         Supply single and multi band Antennas For KTWibro Supply TRS antenna for                                                                          police car to Seoul Police Agency

Mar.   2006         Develop and supply T-DMB Antenna (for DMB-R and Subway)

Dec.   2005          Acquired ISO14001

May.   2004         Supply satellite and terrestrial DMB antenna

May.   2002         Acquired ISO 9001

Dec.   2001          Supply In-Building Antennas for KTF & LGT Supply Wireless chip Antennas for                                                                         Samsung Electronics Developed Wireless chip Antennas for                                                                                                       Government’s task

Dec.   2000         Registered as a cooperative company for <Samsung Electronics>&<LG                                                                                    Electronics>

Jul.   1999          Developed the lightest PCS patch and supplied to <KFT & LGT>

Apr.   1998         Established R & D Institute

Dec.   1997          Changed to “Sunwoo Communication Co., Ltd.”

Dec.   1990          Official Supplier for Mobile Antennas for “Daejeon Expo”

Qualified for <Defense Procurement Administration>

Qualified for “Public Procurement Administration”

Supply HF Antennas to <Ministry of National Defense>

Supply Marine Antennas

Dec.   1980          Supply the antennas to <Korea Highway Corporation>

Supply Automobile Antennas to <Hyundai Electronics>

Dec.   1977          Established “Sunwoo Antenna Corporation”